Evans Cherry

Prunus cerasus Evans


Evans Cherry is an Alberta-developed cold hardy tree that has been thriving in the prairies for over 50 years. This highly productive self-pollinating tree requires little maintenance. The fruit is good for cooking or fresh eating when fully ripe. Evans Cherry is an attractive tree, with white blossoms in spring and reddish-orange fruit that ripens to a dark burgundy.

Cherry trees do not like "wet feet" and are not tolerant of poor draining soil. So, select your planting site carefully.

Evans Cherry

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    Zone: 2a
    Height: 3 m (10 ft)
    Spread: 1.8 m (6 ft)
    Moisture: normal
    Light: full sun
    Fall colour: bright orange
    Berries: tart, semi-sweet cherries of good size that are good for jams or jellies and edible fresh when fully ripe
    Flowers: white
    Growth rate: medium
    Life span: medium
    Maintenance: low
    Suckering: low
    Pollution tolerance: high