Acute Willow

Salix acutifolia


Acute Willow is a very fast growing small tree that can reach growth rates of up to 6 feet per year. It's a great choice for developing a quick, hardy shelterbelt, windbreak, or privacy screen.

Acute Willow will grow multi-stemmed but can be pruned to a single stem for a smaller footprint. It prefers moist areas and requires almost no maintenance.

Willows are important to native pollinators each spring as they have higher amounts of pollen and nectar early each growing season when other food sources are scarce.

Acute Willow

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    Zone: 2a
    Height: 12 m (40 ft)
    Spread: 11 m (35 ft)
    Moisture: normal, wet
    Light: partial shade, full sun
    Fuzz/fluff: yes
    Catkins: yes
    Bark: younger branches are bright brown-red
    Growth rate: fast
    Life span: short
    Maintenance: low
    Suckering: low
    Pollution tolerance: medium

    In row spacing: 2.4 m (8 ft)
    Between row spacing: 5 m (16 ft)